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Christmas at Sunshine                                                         

Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas, from all of us at Sunshine Garden Centre. This year we have worked ferociously to create magical Christmas displays that will hopefully inspire you to create your own bit of Christmas magic at home.

Back in January we started the process of Christmas, scouring trade shows and various suppliers for the best Christmas products to bring to Sunshine!

We have got lights, bangles, fresh sustainable trees (Mid November), a grotto, artificial trees, gifts, food, cards and decorations. We have got Christmas covered!

Come in and check it out yourself!

Merry Christmas!


Plant Area                                                          

An award-winning Outdoor Plant Department boasts a range     of plants that is difficult to beat. From bedding plants during       the season, to majestic olive and bay trees, all of outstanding     quality and sourced from only the best growers at home and       abroad. More importantly, there is a wealth of knowledge from   our expert Plant staff, to advise and guide both the beginner       and experienced gardener.

Our stock is seasonal and relative to the weather, and this is       reflected in our buying pattern - we look for the best-looking       stock suitable for the present situation. Needless to say,             requests for unusual plants are taken seriously, and we will try   our best to source them from growers at home and abroad.


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 Buy with confidence

Hardy Plant Guarantee

Our 5 year guarantee. This means that we will offer a free replacement for any plant that has died, provided it is hardy and has been given reasonable care. Proof of purchase as well as the plant itself, is essential with this service.