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The Big Green Egg Cooking Schedule 

We will be cooking a range of joints of meat to demonstrate the versatility of the highly acclaimed, Big Green Egg.

Back in May 2016, we were at the Chelsea Flower Show and discussed the posibility of stocking a range of Big Green Eggs and accessories.  The entire range is available for purchase at the garden centre and since its arrival here in September, it has attracted huge interest.

The idea of the Big Green Egg was inspired by a clay cooking vessel developed around 3000 years ago in China.  Because of the its ultimate comination of structure, production and unrivalled ceramics, the Big Green Egg is a truly sustainable cooking device, offering a longer useful life than any other comparable type.  Natural clay and ordinary ceramics do not deliver the same level of strength, weather- resistance and thermal insulation as the ceramic material used in the Big Green Egg, that can be heated over and without losing its quality.

As the owner of a Big Green Egg, you will be able to enjoy it throughout the year.  Thanks to the high-quality ceramics, the outside temperature doesn't affect the temperature inside the Egg at all.  Summer and winter, you can use the Big Green Egg to prepare beautifully grilled, tender meat or delicious fish in a salt crust, stir fried shellfish or a hearty stew, crusty bread and pizzas with a crunchy base or delicate desserts,

It's all about flavour and quality at Big Green Egg.  By preparing the best products on the Egg, their flavour takes on an exceptional, widely acclaimed subtlety.  The Big Green Egg makes it possible to cook healthy, sustainable food, enhancing the quality of life.  No wonder The Big Green Egg can be found in 17 Michelin Star worth of London restaurants!

Let your taste buds be the judge and join us at one of our taster sessions to sample the incredible flavour the Big Green Egg infuses into its food!  








Saturday 11th March 1pm - Smoked Roast Chicken - Jack & Lee