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What is the GCA GROW Initiative?

Knowledge is key in any retail environment and it is vital that our team are well equipped with information to help our customers in all their garden and home needs.  The level of customer service is what differentiates ourselves from our competitiors and gives our customers confidence in their purchases.  The GCA Grow Initiative is an eLearning facility created by the Garden Centre Association that brings high quality education and training to individuals employed in the garden centre sector. Sunshine Garden Centre has rolled out this initiative within its business so that it is available to every member of staff. During their induction, new members of staff will be given their login details to start the course and are actively encouraged and helped to complete each module.  

The objectives of GROW are simple; firstly to help garden centre staff to improve their knowledge, gain confidence and expertise and secondly (but equally important) to improve the quality of the customer's experience at their garden centre. Customers can be assured that they are always receiving the correct, practical and unbiased advice, solutions to problems and help with gardening projects. 

Sunshine Garden Centre Members of Staff can login to their course by clicking below and folling the instructions: