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The Garden Centre was started in 1990 on the site of an old swimming pool in the borough of Haringey in North LondonProgressively, over the years, many changes in re-building have taken place, but traces of its former life can still be seen around the site. The central glasshouse was built over the original olympic size swimming pool and the two buildings on either side were the changing rooms.

There is constant updating and modification to maximise the site to its full potential. This has been driven by the needs of the industry to provide the complete package with lifestyle and home accessories to furnish the outdoor room.

As a company, we are constantly listening to the needs of our customers. There are new ideas too, that inspire them to say 'Never thought of doing that - that's a brilliant idea. I could do that too.'




Sunshine Garden Centre became a member of the prestigious Garden Centre Association in August 2002 and were awarded a Garden Centre of Excellence status. The words quoted in the image above, are some of the words that The Garden Centre Association used to describe us... winners of Best Plant Area for 2 years running, Best Garden Centre Staff for 2010, Best Garden Centre service & facilities and Awards of Merit for Garden Care, Approach and carpark, Outdoor Living, Telephone survey and Garden Centre staff.


We have a strong connection with our wider Community, supporting activities and involved with schools that try to encourage their pupils to grow plants. Through workshops and lectures, we try to educate our keen gardeners to promote a greener environment. This is a particular challenge in an inner city district, as space comes at a premium.

We also provide active support to a local school, William C Harvey, for children with severe disabilities.

We strive in setting new industry standards in concepts, substance and presentation, always staying true to our morals of customer care is first and foremost. It is our passion to innovate, educate, and lead by example.


Community project

The volunteers spent a period of three weeks clearing the space to allow for 4 newly designed beds with a range of low maintenance / drought-resistant plants and masses of underplanted of flower bulb colour. Soon the beds will be filled with an array of colour turning it into to a cheerful welcome as you drive into Muswell Hill.