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 Topical Tips for August

July is a glorious month, roses are looking at their peak, if you haven’t visited the rose garden in Regent’s Park recently do so, it’s stunning. Your vegetable and fruit garden will be brimming with produce. This month it’s definitely a month of getting more out of the garden than you put in.

 As ever there are a few jobs and tips for this month, read on…






Watering is vital this month as it is usually the hottest and driest month. If you are on hand to water remember it is much better to water thoroughly but less often  plants will then grow deep, strong roots rather than spreading out at the surface.

When watering, new plants should take priority as they will need a lot of moisture to establish a good root system. You will get to know which plants need to be kept moist and which can tolerate a bit a dryness, ferns are an obvious candidate for good watering but do take a look at your plants just to check they actually do need watering so as not to waste time and water.

Watering also helps keep plants strong so that they are not under stress and are less likely to  suffer from mildew or any other disease.

Group all your pots together before you go away to make it easier to water.

If you are away and you haven’t got nice neighbours or family to water for you think about installing a watering system, even if you have got nice neighbours still think about a watering system, the garden will look all the better for it.

We stock Gardena irrigation equipment; the basic piece of kit required for an automatic water system is a watering timer. These timers fit on an outside tap and run on a 9 volt battery. You can stet them to water several times a week or day and also adjust the period of watering. The simplest method of automatic irrigation is just to add a timer to your tap and connect to a hose and a garden sprinkler, that way your whole garden will be watered automatically. 

If you want something a bit more sophisticated then click below to find out more about irrigation systems


Flowers & Shrubs

Top Tip: Even though you may have fed your plants earlier in the season towards the  end of the month it is worth feeding plants with a liquid feed such  as Tomorite to give them and end of season boost.

Top Tip:   As always, continue dead heading to encourage flowering throughout the summer and autumn.

Top Tip:   Cut back faded perennials to  keep the beds tidy.

Top Tip:  Prune summer flowering shrubs once they have finished flowering.

Top Tip:  Get very excited at the thought of the fantastic bulbs coming in to Sunshine throughout the month of August, try Colchicum (Autumn flowering crocus) that will flower this autumn.

Top Tip:  We have some great looking giant bedding plants at this time of  year, great to fill those odd gaps left by plants that have finished flowering or the ones  you just forgot to water!

Top Tip:  We have some great looking giant bedding plants at this time of  year, great to fill those odd gaps left by plants that have finished flowering or the ones  you just forgot to water!






Top Tip:  It’s easy; keep them watered, mow them when needed and give them a liquid feed if they look a bit lack lustre.

Grow Your Own

Top Tip:   As above , water!

Top Tip:   Continue harvesting fruit and veg as they ripen,  ready for the finest home grown feasts.

Top Tip:  Pinch out the top of tomato plants, aim to have 5 or 6 trusses per plant.

Top Tip:  Harvest potatoes as the leaves yellow and die back. Ps. We now have seed potatoes in,  ready to plant for Christmas  harvesting.

Top Tip:  If you don’t want to I increase your strawberry plant stock them trim them after they have finished fruiting and remove any runners.

Top Tip:  When runner beans reach the top of their frame pinch them out to keep them with their frameworks.

Top Tip:  Keep picking courgettes you don’t want a  surfeit of marrows! ( much as you may like stuffed marrow!)

Top Tip:  If you have a glut of berries why not freeze them? Click below

Top Tip:  Don’t forget to keep ponds and birdbaths topped up.

Top Tip:   Scoop out weed and algae from ponds.