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 Topical Tips for June

June is here and the long days and frost-free nights ensure that all your plants are romping away. You can see plants growing every day, there’s a surprise  (a nice one!) every time you venture into the garden. Read on for our tips for this month….




Flowers & Shrubs

Top Tip:  This is the most important tip: cut yourself some slack, sit back, relax and enjoy your garden.


Top Tip:  This is the bedding month, plant out all your bedding, no more frosts, it’s so versatile, although the plants only live for one season they provide colour throughout the summer until the first frost.

Go for something subtle, like in our picture!!

Top Tip:  Try and have a theme for your bedding, it looks much more professional and sophisticated. Having said this you can still have a theme; maybe a riot of colour, not appreciated by everyone but brings a smile to most.


Top Tip:   The remains of the bulb foliage should be left to die down naturally, then pull away the leaves and divide any congested clumps to produce a new clump of flowers next spring.

Top Tip:  Your sweet peas should be flowering freely now and the more you pick them the more flowers you get,so keep picking.




Top Tip:  Dead head roses if they are repeat flowerers if not, leave the hips on for added interest.

Top Tip:  Support herbaceous plants using Peacock supports

Top Tip:  Tie in the  new growth of climbers such as honeysuckle or clematis to keep them tidy and avoid overcrowding. Use a soft tie to avoid damaging the new soft growth.


Top Tip:  Cut back early flowering perennials such as geraniums, pulmonarias and brunnera, this will encourage a crop of new,  fresh foliage and maybe a second flush of flowers.


 This picture shows Brunnera on its second flush.



Top Tip:  Water,water,water. However you do it just do it, it’s easiest with a sprinkler but a watering can will suffice. We’ve got a huge range of watering apparatus including sprinklers, hose reels including automatic ones and watering cans. If you watch Monty Don on a Friday night, and who doesn’t, you will notice he uses a battered old metal watering can, it a Haws can, we stock them so come in, get a Haws can and be like Monty!





Top Tip:  Mildew, a common problem at this time of year; it is a fungal disease, you can spray against it, but a better way to treat is to remove diseased leaves and water well as this is often the cause of mildews which attacks plants under stress (from lack of water)

Top Tip:  If you been carefully following the advice we’ve been giving you this year you will have very few weeds in the garden, if you do have the odd one just hoe the soil over to remove or for persistent perennial weeds apply a spot weeder such as Round up Gel.

Top Tip:  If you do see the odd bug on your plants don’t worry, they won’t cause too much harm, if you see more than the odd bug or you’re getting lots of damage just give the plants a spray with a contact insecticide to kill the blighters straight away, spay last thing at night once the bees have gone to bed.

Top Tip: Plant a hanging basket, click below to see how:





Grow Your Own

Top Tip:  To help keep your strawberries in peak condition put some straw under the fruits to keep them clean. Pick the strawberries when they are ripe; sweet and succulent unlike the supermarket ones that are picked well before they are ready to eat and not nearly as nice.

Top Tip:  Asparagus is probably of the tastiest things in the world but don’t over crop it, stop picking it now and let the pant replenish itself by allowing it to grow freely and feed regularly.

Top Tip:  Tie up the tomatoes, pinch out the side shoots, tie in loosely to canes with soft string or ties. Start feeding once the first truss has set, use Tomorite which is also brilliant for bedding plants.

Top Tip:  It’s not too late to sow veg, beans, courgettes, marrows and sweet corn, all benefit from being sown in warm soil and night temperatures are more consistent.

Top Tip:  Thin fruit, no this isn’t a recipe for slimline fruit but it is a recommendation to reduce the number of fruit in each truss so that you get better, larger fruit (but less of them!), do this with apples, pears, plums, peaches and nectarines.

Top Tip:  Prune soft fruit to ensure bumper crops of fruit: Gooseberries and currants all need pruning now.

Top Tip:  Carry on earthling your spuds to encourage an even larger crop.

Top Tip:   If your onion or garlic leave are going yellow it means that they’re ready to lift.




Come on Andy!


Top Tip: Keep watering the lawn, the best way to water is with an oscillating sprinkler that moves from side to side watering a rectangular patch (usual shape of lawns!)  It is better to water well a couple of time a week rather than more often which only encourages shallow roots.

Top Tip:  If you haven’t got a Wimbledon lawn then apply Evergreen Complete 4 in 1 to green the grass, kill the weeds and moss in one easy application.

Top Tip:  If you don’t want to water in dry periods and your lawn turn a bit brown don’t worry it will soon get its emerald hues back once it rains again.

Top Tip: Something that always makes a lawn look good is having clean edges, use a half moon toll to straighten them up and treat yourself to a Wolf strimmer to cut the grass edges.


Other things to think about:


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  Have fun in your garden!