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Hannah's Ecological Spring Tips

Posted in News by Sunshine on 26/03/2019

Wildlife jobs for spring

Spring brings huge changes for the wildlife in our gardens. The beginning of breeding seasons, the end of hibernation, these events can often leave animals in vulnerable conditions and in need of our help. Here are a few jobs you can do to help take care of the wildlife found in your garden!

Leave out food for hedgehogs

Hedgehogs will begin emerging from hibernation and will need to start building up their energy and fat reserves in order to breed. Therefore, leaving out cat or dog food is a great way to help supplement their diet. Never leave out milk as this can cause diarrhoea and other health issues.

Leave out food for young birds

Spring is the start of the breeding season for many bird species, and whilst young chicks will be primarily fed on insects, if food is scarce, bird feeders are a perfect alternative. However, some foods including peanuts are a potential chocking hazard for young chicks, instead put out dried meal worms which are just as rich in protein as peanuts!

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Add bee friendly plants to your garden

As spring brings warmer weather, bees will become active again, and queen bees will start looking for somewhere to nest and lay their eggs. The best plants for bees are those that produce single-headed, tubular shaped flowers, including: Crocuses, Marigolds and Honeysuckle. These produce more nectar and are easier for bees to access than double-headed flowers. Bees are also attracted to the colour purple as they can visualise it more clearly than any other colour. Therefore, plants such as Lavender and Catmint are also great choices.

Plant bat friendly plants

Encourage bats into your garden by planting evening scented, white flowers. These will attract nocturnal insects; which bats can then prey on. Some of the best plants to choose include: , Wisteria, Angel's Trumpet and Petunias.