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Barlow Tyrie
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Barlow Tyrie Monterey Reclining Deep Seating Armchair
Highest Grade Natural Teak

£ 0.00

Barlow Tyrie Aura Planter Stand
Use with Aura Planter 3AUP100R only

£ 0.00

Barlow Tyrie Capri Brass Clips
Two Pieces

£ 21.00

Barlow Tyrie Ascot Clip-on Tray for Recliner 1ASR
Teak & Brass

£ 45.00

Barlow Tyrie Capri Clip-On Tray
Use with any Capri Lounger

£ 50.00

Barlow Tyrie SafariĀ® Clip-on Tray
For use with SafariĀ® Armchair

£ 60.00

Barlow Tyrie Lounger Sunshade
Protection in Strong Sunlight

£ 100.00

Barlow Tyrie Aura Footstool
Deep Seating

£ 155.00

Barlow Tyrie Aura Low Table 50
Deep Seating

£ 160.00

Barlow Tyrie Monaco Low Table 44
Highest Grade Natural Teak

£ 175.00

Barlow Tyrie Adirondack Side Table
Highest Grade Natural Teak

£ 230.00

Barlow Tyrie Aura Dining Armchair
Stackable Arm Chair

£ 250.00

Barlow Tyrie

Barlow Tyrie