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Tree and Shrub Care
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By Gardena Axes
By Gardena Branch Pruners
By Gardena Gardening Tools
By Gardena Hand Saw
By Gardena Scissors
By Gardena Secateurs
Gardena Secateurs B/S
Classic Bypass Secateurs

£ 12.29

Gardena SchnippSchnapp
All-purpose with rust-free blades

£ 13.95

Gardena SchnippSchnapp XL
All-purpose with rust-free blades

£ 16.95

Gardena Garden Saw 135 P
easy-to-use & space-saving

£ 19.95

Gardena Garden Secateurs A/M
Anvil Secateurs

£ 19.95

Gardena Combisystem Garden Saw 300P Curved
Optimum cutting angle, even right at the top of trees

£ 24.95

Gardena Alu Garden Secateurs B/L

£ 25.66

Gardena Garden Saw 200 P
easy-to-use & space-saving

£ 26.95

Gardena Universal Hatchet 900B
Small hatchet for outdoor and trekking activities

£ 32.95

Gardena Comfort Ratchet Secateurs SmartCut
Ratchet mechanism (+150% Power)

£ 33.97

Gardena Universal Axe 1000A
For cutting fresh wood or splitting resinous wood

£ 38.95

Gardena Combisystem Anvil Branch Pruner
Cut high branches from the ground

£ 42.95

Tree and Shrub Care

Tree and Shrub Care