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Garden Hose
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By Gardena Garden Hose
By Gardena Hose Reels
By Gardena Sprinklers
By Original Gardena System
Gardena Hose Repairer 13 mm (1/2") - 15 mm (5/8")
For perfect hose repair

£ 3.49

Gardena Wall Hose Bracket
Will take up to 35m Hose

£ 4.95

Gardena Soaker Hose Connection Set
Fittings for Gardena Soaker Hose

£ 10.95

Gardena Soaker Hose 15m
Water-saving irrigation for plant rows

£ 25.95

Gardena Sprinkler Hose 15m
Fine spray for fragile plants

£ 27.95

Garden Hose

Garden Hose