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Spray Guns and Nozzles
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By Gardena Garden Sprayer
By Original Gardena System
Gardena Cleaning Nozzle
Compact Size & Frost Proof

£ 5.49

Gardena Stop 'n' Spray Set 13mm (1/2")
Water Stop & Cleaning Nozzle

£ 10.95

Gardena Classic Cleaning Nozzle
Powerful cleaning & watering

£ 11.95

Gardena Comfort Sensitive Plant Sprayer
For gentle watering of sensitive plants

£ 16.95

Gardena Comfort Cleaning Sprayer
for cleaning & watering

£ 16.95

Gardena Classic Spray Lance
Gentle watering with distance

£ 16.95

Gardena Comfort Bed Sprayer
For watering beds & larger planted areas

£ 17.95

Gardena Premium Cleaning Nozzle
Metal nozzle for convenient cleaning & watering

£ 18.83

Gardena Comfort Spray Lance
For watering plants & cleaning remote areas

£ 21.95

Gardena Comfort Hanging Basket Lance
For watering hanging baskets & plants in remote positions

£ 23.95

Gardena Premium Multi Sprayer
Five spraying patterns

£ 25.95

Spray Guns and Nozzles

Spray Guns and Nozzles