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Gardena Large-Area Pop-Up Irrigation Aquacontour
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Gardena Large-Area Pop-Up Irrigation Aquacontour

Customised Garden Irrigation

Product Code: 1559-27

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Features include:

  • Area coverage up to 350 m²
  • Range of Spray 2,5 - 9 m
  • 3/4" thread
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Gardena Large-Area Pop-Up Irrigation Aquacontour 


The set components allow immediate installation and connection of the Gardena Large-Area Pop-Up Sprinkler AquaContour automatic, which customises irrigation based on the shape of your garden. It's ideal for long-term water-saving and targeted irrigation of a programmed garden contour - conveniently from the ground. Where otherwise several sprinklers and pipelines would need to be installed, now one sprinkler is sufficient for garden areas up to 350 m².

No batteries required

The high-power solar cell with lithium-ion battery allows sustainably reliable energy supply, without batteries.

Flexible coverage

Through up to 50 programmable key contour points with variable ranges, the lawn area can be covered and irrigated in a targeted manner – depending on the water pressure up to a range of 10.5 m.


Thanks to the integrated automatic drainage, the Gardena Large-Area Pop-Up Irrigation AquaContour is frost-proof.

Automatic irrigation

In combination with a Gardena Water Computer or a Water Timer, the AquaContour takes over the irrigation of your garden even nights or when you are on holiday – this is convenient and saves time.

Complete lawn irrigation set that adjusts to your garden

Your garden is not square or circular, and you'd like to conveniently irrigate it? The Gardena Large-Area Pop-Up Irrigation AquaContour automatic irrigates long-term, saves water and covers the programmed garden contour. Programming is easy and uncomplicated. The watering sector can be adjusted 25 to 360 degrees. The precision set row of nozzles ensures even irrigation of the lawn.

Technical Specifications

  • Article No 1559-29
  • EAN 4078500155991


  • Area coverage max 350 m²
  • Range of Spray (m) 2,5 - 9 m
  • 3/4" thread

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