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Here at Sunshine it’s a magical time when families come in to pick their perfect tree, and our range offers something for everyone. All our staff are very patient and love showing off the beautiful trees!

 Nordmann firs are the most popular cut tree, and for good reason. They have probably the best needle retention, have strong sturdy branches, and a proper ‘Christmas tree’ shape. The needles are soft and have a silvery under side.

Fraser firs are also a non-drop tree. They have a less even shape, but can be narrower, which maybe ideal for those with tighter spaces, they have an aroma that fills the house. Again the needles are soft and are an amazing blue- silver colour that almost glows.

Norway Spruce, for those of you who are over a certain age, was probably the tree you had as a child. It is definitely not a non-drop tree, and as such should be put up closer to Christmas than the other two. This tree has the most wonderful pine scent and is a rich green colour. If the tree dries out too much the needles do drop and you’ll be hoovering them up for weeks to come!

All trees need water to keep them looking fresh and retaining their needles, the best stands, like the ones we sell, have a reservoir which needs topping up regularly to help needle retention. It’s best to saw 2 or three inches off the bottom of the tree when you get home before putting them in water to ensure good water uptake.

Try to place your tree away from any source of heat and keep them watered!

We also have a range of Norway Spruce and Nordmann fir in pots, which are a great alternative to cut trees. Being a living tree, they can be kept from year to year. They also tend to be smaller, so are great if you have limited space, as a second tree in your home, or as a Christmassy focal point by the front door. In addition to these, we sell potted Blue Spruce, which have a glaucus gleam, a natural blue glow, adding to their charm. For those who are just looking for a table decoration, we also have some small Picea Conica, a proper Christmas tree in micro form.