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Growing Tomatoes - Supporting your Plants

Tomatoes are fun to grow and, of course, exceptionally delicious to eat. We’ve put together some tips for supporting your tomato plants to ensure a bigger, better harvest.

Whether you’re growing your tomatoes indoors or out, you’ll need to give plants the right type of support.

Some tomatoes need more support than others. Indeterminate types (also known as vining or cordon tomatoes) grow to head height and beyond, necessitating tall, sturdy supports, while bush (or determinate) tomatoes grow up to about one metre high and therefore require less support.

Cordon Tomatoes

Cordon tomatoes can be grown against tall canes or stakes or, in a greenhouse, twisted around string.
Our Grow Your Own expert, Phil, recommends a Tomato Cage for the best support. Find them in our main shop, or ask a member of our team, and we'll be happy to help you find the perfect support for your plant.

Tomato Cage - £8.99

3x Durable and Rot Proof 1.8m Coated Steel Garden Stakes - with pronounced teeth to help climbing plants grab and grow.
9x Connecting Arms for easy setup.

Using a Tomato Cage

Simply click together to produce a strong and durable support for your tomato plant, firmly secure supports into the ground to ensure that they support the weight of fruit-laden plants and withstand gusts of wind.

Tie stems to the support at regular intervals, leaving enough slack for the stem to continue growing in girth. Secure a tie just above a truss, where flowers and fruit develop as this will support the weight of fruits better than a tie secured below a truss. Use string or strips of soft material for the ties. Fully loop the tie around the cane before tying in the stem.

Enjoy your delicious homegrown tomatoes!