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Stunning Houseplants in North London

Welcome to our Houseplants department at Sunshine Garden Centre.

We have a wonderful selection of houseplants and indoor pots to suit every style and well-being need. 

From greening up your home, bringing your work space to life and improving the air you breathe to amazing gifts - we’ve covered all the bases. We bring you fresh high-quality stock on a weekly basis which regularly includes bespoke customer orders. 

If you live in North London, you'll know that Sunshine is known for great customer service and this is no different in our houseplant department.

Come and talk to our horticulture specialists.  We would be delighted to advise you on the best houseplant for your lifestyle, home or place of work.

All of our house plants are available for delivery in London.

Here are the different categories of houseplants we stock;

Let us help you choose which houseplants best suit certain locations in your home: 

Here are our latest house plant recommendations:

For the bathrooms: Maiden hair ferns, Peace Lilies, Dieffenbachias, Asparagus ferns, Chinese evergreen, Dracaenas, Spider plants.

For bedrooms: Sansevieria, Aloe vera, Ficus, Dracaena.

Houseplants for the kitchen: Stephanotis, Winter Jasmine, Citrofortunella microcarpa.

Indoor plants for office spaces:  Peace lilies, cacti, succulents, aloe vera, Sansevieria, Epipremnum.

Houseplants for the hallway: Aspidistra, Sansevieria, Zamioculcas Zamiifolia, Boston ferns.

We don’t just stop at great houseplants, we offer an excellent personal shopping experience where we encourage you to bring in photos or whatever literature that has inspired you, this helps us to find you the perfect plants. We also offer an extremely popular re-potting service.


At Sunshine we love to work with schools, businesses and community groups to help you with houseplants to brighten up spaces and help clean the air. If you're interested and would like to order plants for your company or school then get in touch.