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Topical Tips July 2019

Well, it certainly wasn’t flaming June but I’m sure July will be a fab month with perfect relaxing in the garden weather. This month it’s really a bit of maintenance around the garden and lots of time spent enjoying the fruits of your labour from earlier in the year. 

Flowers & Shrubs:

Top Tip: Watering is key this month, paying particular attention to pots and hanging baskets which tend to dry out rapidly.  Remember when watering it is much better to really soak the plants well twice a week rather than a little water every day.

Top Tip: Cut back early flowering perennials to tidy them up and to encourage a second flowering flush. Give them a growth boost by feeding with Tomorite.

Top Tip: Give your topiary a manicure to keep them looking neat.

Top Tip: As ever, keep deadheading, it encourages further blooms. Some plants such as sweet peas will stop flowering altogether if you allow them to produce seeds so be diligent and cut those fading flowers off.

Top Tip: Shrubs that flowered earlier this year will need a prune to ensure strong flowers next year.

Shrubs to prune now:

{  Deciduous Magnolias
{  Hedging plants e.g. privet
{  Remove rose suckers.
{  Tidy Pyracantha
{  Rambling roses
{  Wisteria
{  Lavender

Top Tip: Camellias, Rhododendrons
   & Azaleas are now forming buds for next year’s flowers, again it is very important to keep them well watered to ensure good blooms next year.

Top Tip: Continue tying in climbers using a soft twine to ensure they don’t flop and break.

Top Tip: Roses are greedy so and so’s, use Toprose to keep them fed.

Top Tip: Plants are like people and at Sunshine we like to encourage the production of healthy plants to keep pest and diseases at bay, this way you can avoid the use of pesticides as much as possible. Plants are less likely to suffer and if they are attacked are much more likely to regrow and thrive.


Top Tip: Water the lawn regularly if you want to keep it looking lush, if we do get a dry period, don’t worry it will soon green up again .

Top tip: Mow the lawn once a week

Top Tip: if your lawn needs a mid season boost give it a liquid lawn feed.

Grow Your Own

Top Tip: If you grow veg you will know about bolting salads, this simply means that the lettuce or other salad leaf have started to flower instead of remaining leafy, the simple solution is to take them out and start again, at this time of year you’ll have a new crop in no time.

Top Tip:  Harvest garlic when the tops start to go brown.

Top Tip: Pinch out tomato side shoots below and developing fruit.

Top Tip: As much as you may like stuffed marrow not every body does so pick your courgettes regularly to avoid a glut of marrows!

Top Tip: Resist picking more rhubarb, allow it to grow and replenish its reserves.

Top Tip:  Water fruit and veg daily in hot weather.

Top Tip:  Control the inevitable blackfly by pinching off the young shoots of broad beans.

Top Tip:  Prune cherry and plum after fruiting.

Top Tip:  Things you can sow outdoors now: beetroot, carrots, dwarf French beans, lettuce radish and runner beans mmm delicious.

Top Tip:  If you have put your citrus outside, feed them now.

Top Tip:  We often get asked about fungicides for edible crops, I’m afraid there are NONE!

Top Tip:  Harvest your lovely new potatoes now, cook them ASAP as they don’t keep well.

Top Tip: If you have any bare spaces in your veg patch so a quick growing catch crop such as lettuce.