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Topical Tips June 2019

What a month June is; it’s light until 10 o’clock, lovely warm days and a new flower having opened every time you visit the garden. You can really appreciate the ground work you carried out earlier in the year, read on for tips how to keep your garden in full flowering order!

Flowers & Shrubs

Top Tip:  Our number one job is to get your bedding sorted if you haven’t done so already; frosts are now a forgotten memory so plant what you like! Bedding plants are often frowned upon by dyed in the wool gardeners but more fool them because bedding plants provide colour for many months and there are plant suitable for all conditions form dry arid beds to wet shady corners.

Top Tip: We all love roses and there are some truly fabulous varieties available that will repeat flower, look incredible and wow you with their fragrance. Remember that roses are greedy plants and will need feeding and watering, you’ll need to deadhead in order to maintain flowering for as long as possible unless you want the hips to develop.

Top Tip: The remains of the bulb foliage should be left to die down naturally, then pull away the leaves and divide any congested clumps to produce a new clump of flowers next spring.

Top Tip:  Your sweet peas should now be flowering freely and the more you pick them the more flowers you get, so keep picking and don’t allow any pods to develop.

Top Tip: If you pinch out the new growth on bedding plants (using your thumb nail and finger) you will create a bushier more floriferous plant.

Top Tip: Before your plant start flopping use Peacock plant supports

Top Tip: By tying in climbers with soft string you will keep them tidy and avoid overcrowding.  Tying climbing rose stems horizontally will produce more flowers.

Top Tip: If you have noticed weeds wrapping themselves around your plants and producing pretty white flowers then you’ve got bindweed which will strangle your pants, either dig the weed out or apply Round up to the leaves.

Top Tip:  It’s obvious but do water! It’s much better to water really well once or twice a week  rather than just a sprinkle every day, concentrate on pots and drought sensitive plants.

Top Tip: Lily beetle look lovely but they will strip lilies very quickly, remove by hand or spray with Bug Clear.

Top Tip: Trim back spring flowering Clematis such as C.montana and C.alpina

Top Tip:  To learn how to plant a hanging basket simply click on the link below:


Top Tip:  Cut back finished euphorbia flower stems to the ground.

Top Tip:  Keep on top of the weeds; hoe any that appear before they get too large.


Top Tip: Mow the lawn once a week.

Top tip:  Feed the lawn if you haven’t done so already so, if you don’t have too many weeds or  moss just use a lawn food without weed killer or mosskiller however, if you have a lawn like most of us use Everfgreen 4 in 1 which will feed the lawn,  kill the weeds and the moss in one easy application.

Grow Your Own

Top Tip: Unless you are going to root strawberry runners remove them to get the best crop.

Top Tip: To help keep your strawberries in peak condition put some straw under the fruits to keep them clean. Pick the strawberries when they are ripe; sweet and succulent unlike the supermarket ones that are picked well before they are ready to eat and not nearly as nice.

Top Tip:  Tie up  tomatoes, pinch out the side shoots, tie in loosely to canes with soft string or ties. Start feeding once the first truss has set, use Tomorite which is also brilliant for bedding plants (it’s the high potash don’t you know!)

Top Tip:  It’s not too late to sow veg, beans, courgettes, marrows and sweet corn, all benefit from being sown in warm soil and night temperatures are more consistent.

Top Tip:  Thin fruit, no this isn’t a recipe for slimline fruit but it is a recommendation to reduce the number of fruit in each truss so that you get better, larger fruit (but less of them!), do this with apples, pears, plums, peaches and nectarines.

Top Tip: Pinch out the growing tip of every other young fig shoot.

Top Tip: Keep earthing up potatoes to ensure maximum crop.

Top Tip: If you have an ant problem try Home Defence Ant Stop  Bait station, it is a weather/animal/kid proof solution to ants, available in the shop.

Toppest Tip: Sit back and enjoy the garden and don’t work too hard!