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Skimmias are evergreen shrubs that are extremely valuable for their multi-season displays – especially in winter. Their glossy evergreen leaves provide a lovely foil to their fragrant white or yellowish flowers in April and May and long-lasting winter berries.

Skimmias are very easy to look after, and rarely need much in the way of care and attention once established.

Water plants well in the first year or so, while they are establishing. Thereafter, plants in the ground may need watering during prolonged periods of very dry weather, or more often if the soil is very light and very well drained.

Feed every spring with a balanced granular plant food. Those suitable for camellias and rhododendrons are a good choice, especially in alkaline soils.

Skimmia japonica Rubella is a good choice for a male partner, as it is the most attractive, with lovely dark red flower buds in winter.


Botanical name



1m – 1.5m 


60cm – 1.0m


Partial shade

Flowering time

Spring but have buds right through winter.


Acid Soil (Ericarous Compost)

Soil Type