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This month’s plant of the month is a real celebrity. A titanic leviathan which every garden, everywhere should have. A name which transcends horticulture and pierces the national consciousness. The geranium. When I say geranium, I’m not talking about those showy red and pink pelargonium pretenders, but Cranesbills. Versatile, easy to look after, with interesting foliage and long-lasting flowers that are perfect for pollinators, it is a plant that you simply must have! Whether it’s for a herbaceous border in a cottage garden, a floriferous pot on your contemporary look patio, or a rockery or alpine garden, there is a geranium to suit.

Voted Plant of the Centenary at the 100th Chelsea Flower Show, Geranium ‘Rozanne’ perfectly epitomises the qualities of this tough, charming, herbaceous perennial. The easiest of perennials to grow, with an exceptionally long flowering season (the flower itself a vibrant blue with white eye) and wonderful two-tone leaves, it truly is a thing of beauty. Allied to this is its tolerance of both sun and shade, and ability to grow in most soil types, as well as in pots, whatever the size of your garden or outside space, this super star is worth its place within it.

Common Name: Cranesbills/Perennial Geranium

Botanical Name: Geranium (in varieties)

Flowering Time: Late Spring, Through Summer

Height and Spread: 30cm-1m x 30cm-1m (depending on variety)

Aspect: Sun or Shade (can tolerate dry conditions, depending on variety)

Hardiness: Hardy