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People often dismiss Hydrangeas as being too commonplace or ‘suburban.’  They are missing out - Hydrangeas are fantastic
plants for London gardens, the mop head varieties are the ones with the large spherical heads of flowers in whites, pinks and
blues - the colour being dependent on the soil. There are also other varieties such as the Paniculata Cultivars which have
cone shaped heads of flowers in whites, creams and pinks and flower a little later than the mop head and lace cap varieties.

They are easy to look after as long as you give them loads of water - sometimes they will droop if they get too hot but they will
soon revive, they ideally grow in dappled shade in a border or a large pot.

Come and have a look at some of the stunning examples we have in stock – you’ll be impressed!

Botanical name
1.8m – 5m (depending on variety)
Flowering time
June – September flower heads look attractive during the winter months.