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Replacing Your Weber BBQ's Hose and Regulator

Your grill's hose and regulator are designed to withstand exposure to UV and other weather conditions. However, over time, they may become worn or damaged, which could compromise your grilling experience and safety.  To ensure a safe and enjoyable grilling experience, we recommend replacing the hose and regulator every 3-5 years*. Additionally, if the hose is damaged in any way, it's crucial to replace it before using your grill again this BBQ season.



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Here's how to remove and replace the hose and regulator on your grill:

- Disconnect the regulator from the gastank.
- Locate the hose and regulator connection.
- Using two tools, such as open-end or adjustable wrenches, turn the connection clockwise to loosen while using the second tool to hold the counter.

- Remove the old hose and regulator set.
- Repeat the process in reverse to fit the new hose and regulator, turning counter-clockwise to tighten on units with left-handed threads.
- Once the hose is securely fastened to the grill, check for gas leaks. Use this guide (insert link to other article) for assistance.

Routine inspection of your grill's hose and regulator is necessary to ensure optimal performance and safety. If you notice any signs of wear or damage, it's best to replace the hose and regulator as soon as possible.


*Note: Local laws may require a different replacement frequency, in which case, follow your local laws over Weber's recommendation.