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You know autumn is nearly upon us when heathers appear, they provide colour for many months in the autumn and early winter, they are useful in the garden and in winter pots and troughs in association with pansies and ivy. The upright spikes of flowers in whites, pinks and reds are a really good contrast to the small scale like rich green leaves.

They are low growing, spreading plants which can be kept for many years or treated as a bedding plants and disposed of when they have finished flowering.If they are to be kept for the long term they need a trim in March – April. When planting always use ericaceous compost as they like an acid soil and place in a sunny spot.


Botanical name

Calluna vulgaris    Common Name: Heather or ling (I’ve never heard it called that

but I’m sure sure someone does somewhere!)






Full sun

Flowering time

August -November


Acid Soil (Ericarous Compost)