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Topical Tips January 2019

Welcome to 2019,  you probably didn’t look at your garden too much in December so it may need a little tidy now,
fortunately January is a gentle gardening month; not too many arduous jobs! 

Things are starting to change in the garden, Narcissus and snowdrops are poking up, catkins are looking stunning
and hellebores in their pomp!

Shrubs & Perennials

Top Tip:   A strange one here, a non job, leave some garden areas uncut, a little longer, to provide shelter for wildlife in your garden.

Top Tip:  As we said above , the Hellebores are looking gorgeous, Remove old Hellebore leaves to allow the new blooms to be more visible as they emerge.

Top Tip:  Keep deadheading winter flowering pansies to encourage more flowering. Sometimes pansies look a bit sad after Christmas (don’t we all!)  if it has been cold but once it warms up slightly they revive and carry on as if Christmas  never happened.

Top Tip:   Fiona, our bulb aficionado, has a room full of over 220 varieties of bulbs, these are the bulbs that are planted in early spring and flower during the summer. 

If you have never tried growing lilies you must try this year, they are really easy to grow, just plant them in a sunny or semi shaded spot and they produce beautiful scented flowers in early summer.

Top Tip:  Sweet peas can be sown this month. Sweet peas sown earlier in the autumn can now be potted on taking care not to disturb the roots too much. Place them on a sunny windowsill, or on a high shelf in the greenhouse that gets plenty of light.

Top Tip:  Start cutting back grasses and other perennials left for winter interest. Alternatively you can leave them a few more months to provide cover for wildlife.

Top Tip:   If you are itching to getting pruning cut back elders hard to promote fresh new growth in the spring.

Top Tip:  Come to Sunshine and choose your seeds for the year. We will have the full range of Thompson and Morgan seeds on display and also an extensive selection of Franchi vegetable seeds, the renowned supplier of quality Italian seeds. Ciao!


Top Tip:   Your lawn shouldn’t need much attention this month, however we have had a few customers asking about worm damage and worm casts on the lawn, if you have lots of worm casts on the lawn then you are lucky as that means that you have lots of worms aerating the lawn for you and pulling organic matter into the lawn creating a healthy strong lawn. If you feel that the worm casts are making a mess of the lawn wait until they are dry and sweep them away with a besom (witches) broom.

Grow Your Own


Top Tip:  The early bird catches the worm, and the early shopper catches the best range of potato varieties. Choose potatoes without long shoots or any signs of mould. When you get them home, tip them out of the bag into a seed tray or an old egg box and leave them in a cool, light place until you plant them. This will discourage the sprouts from growing too long.

Top Tip: Prune apple and pear trees while they’re dormant.

Top Tip:  Prune blackcurrants, gooseberries and redcurrants to maintain a productive network.

Top tip: Start forcing your rhubarb, we have beautiful terracotta rhubarb forcers at £19.99

Top Tip:  Make a polythene shelter for outdoor peaches and nectarines, to protect against peach leaf curl

Wildlife in the garden

Top tip: Don’t forget to feed the birds with fat rich food eg. Fat balls available at £2.99 for 6.

Top tip: if the bird’s water is frozen they can’t drink, put some fresh water out or break the ice so they can get to the water.