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July Topical Tips

With this fantastic weather due to stay forever, it really is important that you enjoy the garden, just sit back (in a reclining chair from Sunshine) and relax. There’s just one little caveat, don’t relax completely as there are one or two jobs to do in the garden.

Flowers & Shrubs

Top Tips:  Watering is vital this month, we should all consider the wise use of water by only watering the plants that actually need it, when watering try to water the soil at the base of the plant rather than the foliage and do it in the cool of the evening or first thing in the morning. 

Pots may need watering every day; the beds will probably be OK every two or three days.

Top Tip:
Cut back early flowering perennial to keep the beds tidy and to encourage a second flush of flowering.

Top Tip: 
 Give trimmed perennials a boost with a feed of Tomorite, which is high in potash to encourage flowering (and fruiting)

Top Tip:  Don’t forget to tie growth in as it becomes loose and straggly, soft twine is best for this.

Top Tip: Keep dead heading, bedding plants benefit and will produce more flowers, roses may also bloom again if deadheaded but sweet peas must be deadheaded in order to prolong the flowering.

Top Nasty: We have had many customers telling us that their box trees or bushes are suffering; the leaves are going yellow, being eaten and covered in a fine web, this is caused by the Box Tree Caterpillar. Act now top prevent further damage; spray with Bug Clear Ultra to kill the caterpillars that are causing this problem. If you prefer not to use chemical control pick them off by hand or use the Box Tee Moth Trap which attracts the moths and traps them preventing the laying of eggs.

Top Tip: There are a few plants that need pruning this month that are listed below, for further advice please come and see one of the plant team.

Shrubs to prune now:

- Deciduous Magnolias
- Hedging plants e.g. privet
Remove rose suckers
Tidy Pyracantha
- Rambling roses
- Wisteria
- Lavender

Grow Your Own

Top Tip: If you grow veg you will know about bolting salads, this simply means that the lettuce or other salad leaf have started to flower instead of remaining leafy, the simple solution is to rip ‘em out and start again, at this time of year you’ll have a new crop in no time.

Top Tip:  Harvest garlic when the tops start to go brown.

Top Tip: Pinch out tomato side shoots below and developing fruit.

Top Tip: As much as you may like stuffed marrow not every body does so pick your courgettes regularly to avoid a glut of marrows!

Top Tip: Resist picking more rhubarb, allow it to grow and replenish its reserves.

Top Tip:  Water fruit and veg daily in hot weather.

Top Tip:  Control the inevitable blackfly by pinching off the young shoots of broad beans.

Top Tip:  Prune cherry and plum after fruiting.

Top Tip:  Things you can sow outdoors now: beetroot, carrots, dwarf French beans, lettuce radish and runner beans.

Top Tip:  If you have put your citrus outside, feed them now.

Top Tip:  We often get asked about fungicides for edible crops, I’m afraid there are NONE! 

Top Tip:  Harvest your lovely new potatoes now, cook them ASAP as they don’t keep well.

Other tips for the garden 

Top Tip:   If you can’t or don’t want to water your lawn and it’s turning a bit brown don’t worry they soon pick up again once we  get some rain!

Top Tip:  Keep birdbaths topped up.