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Weber Barbecues

Weber Barbecues

WoW BBQ at Sunshine Garden Centre is the Weber World Store in London servicing the entire UK. We have a longstanding relationship with Weber and have been selling Weber BBQs in our store for 25 years as well as online for 16 years online.

We stock every single Weber Barbecue and Accessory in the Weber Grills UK Range, as well as spare parts. We also offer servicing and run a number of cooking classes - Certified By Weber - this means you can learn new skills or hone in further on your expertise.

Sunshine Garden Centre is a proud Independent business that has over 50 members of staff in its North London garden centre - we have won The Garden Centre Association's Best UK Garden Centre Award on two occasions and are especially proud of winning the UK's Best Garden Centre Customer Service Award in 2016. Our Weber BBQ specialists, also known as WoW BBQ are a team of 10 people with vasts amount of Weber BBQ experience. Not only that but our team are genuine Weber fans and each one of the team owns at least one Weber BBQ - speaking to one of our Weber Experts will provide you with everything you need to know about Weber and also assurance in your investment. Buy Weber BBQs from the leading Weber Experts!

We are not just a garden centre, we are a destination, so come and visit us for expert advice and an incredible experience - check out our video below to see what we re all about!

Why a Weber BBQ?

The history of Weber is pretty fascinating and it started in the back garden of a welder who was also a BBQ enthusiast. In 1952 Weber Brothers Metal Works was a Chicago-based manufacturer of marine buoys and working for them as a welder was George Stephen Snr. George Stephen Snr was completely fed up of the limitations of outdoor grilling in his garden. His open brickwork BBQ would often extinguish or affect the temperature of the BBQ with a rain shower and the slightest Chicago breeze would blow hot ashes everywhere.

George Stephens Snr looked for a way to prevent all of his BBQ problems by creating a lid for the barbecue, without smothering the heat. A light bulb moment sparked and he came up with the World's first Kettle Barbecue - made from two halves of a marine buoy with holes drilled in the bottom for air circulation. His idea was met with huge enthusiasm and soon he was selling his product, The Weber Original Kettle to family, friends and neighbours. He did not envisage quite the success that followed - becoming the synonym for BBQ across the World.

High Quality Products




Already the leading BBQ manufacturer in the World, Weber is forever striving for improvements.

Broad Range of Accessories

"When I first started at WoW BBQ, all I could BBQ was burgers and sausages - now I am cooking chicken shawarma, pulled pork, beer can chicken and pizzas."

Weber accessories allow you to do more than the stereotypical BBQ foods - impress your friends and more importantly love what you are cooking. This is made easy by Weber BBQ Accessories.

Warranty up to 10 years

When you buy a Weber BBQ you will have peace of mind that you are getting a premium product backed up with an incredible warranty.