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Weber Ranch Kettle

Weber Ranch Kettle

Need to feed a really big crowd? Grill multiple turkeys, roasts, or chickens? You need the Ranch Kettle. 

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For serious grilling feasts!

The Weber Ranch kettle is the daddy of charcoal bbqs and is designed for catering functions and large parties. Based on the famous kettle concept, the porcelain enamelled steel body has black steel vents to regulate airflow and to ensure optimised cooking abilities whilst the sturdy black steel frame supports the bowl and ash catcher with integrated tool holders and rugged crack-proof wheels that provide limited mobility.

With a diameter of 93cms equating to 7123 (1104 sq.inch) of cooking space and a lid profile height of around 25cms (10 inches). The Weber Ranch is ideal for catering companies who offer bbq food for events and parties. Similarly, it is the perfect unit for pub owners thinking of hosting summer bbq parties. Of course for smaller events or more personal gatherings this barbecue can be very economical where only the desired amount of surface cooking area and small spread of coals is used. Like the smaller kettle bbqs, the Weber Ranch has a hinged cooking grate allowing the user to add extra coals without removing the whole grate.

Overall, the Weber Ranch BBQ is a great choice for anyone who loves to grill and wants to cook large quantities of food at once. Its sturdy construction, huge cooking space, and versatile features make it a top-of-the-line charcoal grill that is sure to impress.