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Weber BBQ Outdoor Kitchen

Weber BBQ Outdoor Kitchen

We finally welcome Weber Outdoor Kitchens into the United Kingdom.  These premium units are compatible with the latest Weber Spirit and Weber Genesis BBQ Ranges.  Made in Germany, these fantastic units are built to the same quality that can be expected of all Weber products, backed with a 2 year warranty.  

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Building your dream outdoor cooking space and ensuring its a Weber BBQ Outdoor Kitchen is now available in the UK. Begin by selecting your preferred barbecue from the applicable Weber Spirit and Genesis BBQs.

Next, customize your space with a variety of predetermined configurations, suitable for various differences such as side burners, technology, 3 or 4 burners.  All units come with a Stainless Steel finish work surface.

Traditionally, designing an outdoor kitchen can be a complex and time-consuming process. However, we've simplified it for you.  These kitchens are readily available to meet your needs.  These arrive palletised and flatpacked, falling outside of our standard free next day delivery.  Assembly will take 2 people appproximately 6 hours, following an online instruction guide.  We do offer a build and deliver service and prices can be obtained prior to purchase.

Our Weber Outdoor Kitchens boast premium materials all centered around a Weber built-in barbecue.

Transform your backyard into the ultimate entertaining area with a Weber Outdoor Kitchen. Discover the perfect solution for your outdoor culinary adventures.